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Soft Ferrite CoreSoft ferrite cores are widely used in computers, tele-communication equipment, consumer's electronics such as TV, VTR and audio sets, industrial automation equipment and various kinds of electronic instruments, etc. As a leading magnets manufacturer in China, supported by our sophisticated quality system.

Main products:
1 Power MnZn ferrite core for switch power transformers
2 Power MnZn ferrite core for CRT monitor transformers
3 High magnetic conductivity MnZn ferrite core for pulsing transformers, broadband transformers, filter and inductance
4 MnZn ferrite core for EMI resistant components
5 Power NiZn ferrite core
6 NiZn ferrite core for EMI resistant components

Our products are widely applied in electronic, electric equipments, industrial control system, apparatus, medical equipments, communication, computer, AV and lighting industries. By virtue of superior quality, reasonable price advantage, our customer covers all over the country and exported to Southeast Asian, European and American countries.

The company has a management and technical team, which have been cooperating long-term with domestic famous enterprises and many Japanese and European and American customers. And through 6S, QCC and SPC and other quality improving methods, we ensure product quality and delivery term.  Combining with advanced production equipments, precise testing apparatus, we are able to develop and produce the high quality products you want.

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