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Welcome to AMC GROUP LTD, which have already become the symbol of the most reliable China-made magnets. AMC is one of the largest suppliers of permanent magnets in China, with 9years of experience in researching, manufacturing and exporting.To keep its leading position in  Chinese magnets industry, AMC have made incessant innovations in management and production technology and have adopted many state-of-the-art equipments in its mass production, which enabled AMC magnets to maintain superior quality and competitive prices. After years of devotion, AMC earned a good reputation from customers both in domestic and abroad for its principle of "supply products with stable quality and satisfactory service".

As well recognized in the industry, magnets are one of the most essential mateials widely used and applied in electronic products, home appliances, automobiles, communication equipments, data processing devices and measuring devices,health magnet etc. The demand for magnets are ever-increasing and the scope of their application keeps expanding, as the industries is developing. With a worldwide concept in mind, AMC have been providing customers with superior quality magnets with competitive prices, and have earned a good reputation both at home and abroad. But we will still exert our utmost to meet the customers demand with incessant innovation and quality control. We look forward to building close business relations and friendship with you in the future.

Today, facing the world's ever-increasing demand for the magnets, we look forward to the opportunities to cooperate with friends from all over the world. The cooperation with us will be successful and pleasant, because what you need to do is just telling us your requirement!

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